Tammy Gaudun

Welcome to my Blog for Ontario Teachers. I am your host, Tammy Gaudun, and I’m hoping to create a site where teacher’s can share resources and experiences.

Coming from the high tech sector of Waterloo Region, I think this is the greatest opportunity for improving the profession.  No teacher should have to work as an island, by sharing our knowledge and resources we can improve the experiences of children in our classrooms!

Currently, I am a student of Wilfrid Laurier’s faculty of Education, due to graduate in April, 2010.  I will be really busy this summer developing this site, so stay tuned for more updates!


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Solution to excur-activities. Get teachers to work 40 hours a week times 52 weeks a year, working not talking in lunch room, and there would be lots of time to devote to our children’s ex-activities.

    Use punch cards if necessary to track time – this could be a use for Principals.

    • I worked in the private sector for many years, so I am quite aware of the contrast between the two. I work much harder and longer as a teacher and put in more extra, unpaid hours in this profession. Teachers get to be told what to do by everyone (parents, students, School Boards, Unions and Government) and very rarely do we hear the voice of the individual teachers themselves. I suggest you talk to one in person to hear his/her side of the story that’s played out in the media. I am not interested in getting political on this site.

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