Out My Window: National Film Board (Grade 8 Geography)


Out My Window: Interactive Views From The Global Highrise provides students with an opportunity to look in the window of selected highrise apart-ents and see and hear the people who live inside. It also gives students the opportunity to join those people in looking
out those same windows at a variety of urban settings that reflect the process of urbanization, one of the defining features of our day. The 360-degree interactive “documentary”invites students to hear the stories of those who dwell in the highrises of
four of these cities, too. This personalizes larger issues of urbanization and helps students move from a consideration of the particular to the general.
The following activities are intended to help students explore the hopes and challenges of the inhabitants of highrises and the causes and consequences of the urbanization phenomena

Educator’s Guide:


The activities consist of two sections.
  1. Section 1 – Looking In uses stories to teach about various people and issues and may be adapted as required for grades 7–12.
  2. Section 2 – A Window on the World uses case studies to investigate broad issues related to the rise of cities as a global phenomenon. It is appropriate for grades 10–12.


1. Havana – Cuba
2. São Paulo – Brazil
3. Phnom Penh – Cambodia
4. Toronto – Canada

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