Planboard: Lesson planning made easy

Spent my morning staff meeting at Communitech today and was overwhelmed with all of the cool ideas being produced in Kitchener Waterloo!  One such cool idea was PlanBoard – an app for teacher planning!

You can input your schedule, with the subjects you teach, and it helps you create your units/Learning Cycles!


The first step to better organization!

Once you activate your account, you’ll be part of our community, joining thousands of teachers who are using Planboard to organize their day.

This is your week

The week overview is the first page you will see when you log in. In the week overview, you are able to get a quick overview of what your week looks like. Each block contains a snippet of a period’s content. We won’t show you the days you aren’t working so everything is clean and relevant.

You can also perform many useful actions directly from the week overview including marking a specific day as an off day, shifting that day’s lessons over, or exporting it as a PDF. You can quickly create a PDF, email, or printout of your week’s lessons straight from the week overview.

Need to make a quick adjustment to one of your lessons? Not a problem. Simply double click a box, or hover over the box and click the little edit icon that appears and a text editor will pop up for that period.

You have just taken the first steps in creating wonderful lesson plans with Planboard. If you have any questions or feedback, we can be reached at Happy planning!


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