Film Study: Learning Goals

Overall Learning Goal

We are learning to think critically and support our ideas

Media Learning Goal

We are learning to identify a variety of techniques to increase our understanding of film media.

Success Criteria

  1.  I can identify how colour, shadows, lighting, camera angles etc. can influence the mood of a film.
  2. I can apply the film techniques studied and critically analyse other media texts.
  3. I can use characterization techniques (what characters wear, say, do etc.) to understand how character traits impact a story.
  4. I can identify elements of style (irony, symbolism, foreshadowing, etc.) that help communicate the meaning of a story.

Writing Learning Goal

We are learning to make our writing clearer and easier to understand through word choice, organization, and other techniques learned in class.

Success Criteria

  1. I can identify a purpose and audience for my writing
  2. I can revise my writing to have a strong voice through appropriate and powerful word choice.
  3. I can use a variety of resources (dictionary, thesaurus, etc.) to make my writing more articulate.
  4. I can organize my writing with an introduction, body and conclusion.
  5. I can self- and peer-edit to make my writing easy to read.

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