Google Docs and Kaizena App for creative writing projects

I came across this cool new app called Kaizena, that allows you to provide students with voice feedback on their writing. I use Google Docs for a lot of my students writing projects.
For starters, no student can claim they didn’t save their work. Also, if they work on the Mac side, I was always having students lose files since it’s a community hard drive.
 This app is wonderful for any and all creative writing projects because if they write in Google Docs, not only are they improving their typing skills, but you can both edit and write in the doc at the same time. You don’t have to take their piles of writing home with you (nor can you lose it!).
Plus, you can easily reference it when you are writing report cards (which I personally love about Google Drive).
I may write another post about researching using Google Docs (which this app would also be great for).

About Kaizena

(Formerly Voice Comments)
Simply highlight and give feedback. Kaizena is the best place to help students improve their work.

Voice feedback for writing is nothing new. Stanford experimented with recording verbal feedback for students on cassette tapes back in the '80s, and there's been a steady stream of research ever since.

The difference is, for the first time, we're making it simple. Simply highlight and speak.

Note: Currently, we only support Google Documents (not Spreadsheets, Presentations, etc).

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