2014 Alpha Textbooks Short Story Contest

I love helping students apply to these types of  contests: self-directed enrichment. Here’s one to start off the 2014 school year.

Alpha Textbooks short story contest is open to middle and high school students Ontario. This year, they are awarding two first prizes of an iPad mini, for middle and high school students: one for middle school entrants, the other for high school entrants. Honourable mentions will be given to students who come in second and third place. The contest will run September through October 2014. Judging will take place during the first two weeks of November and prizes will be awarded late November. http://www.alphashortstorycontest.com/#!about-the-contest/cotb


Read: Call For Teachers – Alpha Short Story Contest 2014

We’re currently looking for teachers who will help out as story judges. We will split up the stories so that the reading load is considerate of a teacher’s schedule. You will be asked to rank your favourite 3 stories from your list. The selected stories, by each judge, will make the shortlist, from which the winner will be collectively chosen. All stories will be submitted to you without the author’s name on the manuscript, to ensure fair judging. Stories will be 500-750 words, max. If you participate, we would like to promote your participation on the contest website. We are looking for five judges, whom we hope to thank with a small gift of store credit, to use on any products you wish.

How to Enter


Write your 500 to 750 word (2-3 pages) story! The theme for this year’s contest is:  THE BEST or WORST FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.


Put the story title next to the page numbers, in the header or footer.

When you type the title in the header of one page, the others pages should populate automatically if you are using a word processor like MS Word.

Remember, do not put your name on your story. Your name goes on the entry form.


Fill out the entry form by clicking the link below and picking the PDF or Word form that is right for you.

Fill out the entry form electronically or by hand, then enclose, scan or simply attach the form (via email), and send according to the methods in Step 4.

Remember that the story itself should only have the story title, not your name.


​Email your submission, as an attachment, to contests@alphatextbooks.com.

Or MAIL your story with a completed entry form to Short Story Contest – Alpha Textbooks.

Subject: Short Story Contest – [Your Name]

DEADLINE: October 31, 2014 – Midnight


A committee of teachers will judge the entries. Stories will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. On Theme: Has the writer written about the BEST or WORST day of school.
  2. Creativity: How unique is the writer’s approach?
  3. Characters: Are the characters well-written?
  4. Clarity and organization: Is there a clear beginning, middle and ending?
  5. Spelling and Grammar
Get the form HERE.

If you are interested joining or sponsoring the effort this year or next, contact the communications manager here.

And click here for more info on Alpha Textbooks.


3709 Chesswood Dr., Toronto, ON.,df



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