WRDSB Library Commons (formerly WebMax / CIR)

From the WRDSB library website https://library.wrdsb.ca.
To book items from the Staff Resource Centre:
  1. log in using PAL ID,
  2. select the “Staff Resource Centre” from the drop down list of libraries,
  3. enter your search terms,
  4. click on the “book items” button.


On the calendar screen that will appear:
  1. type in a title for this resource list (required)
  2. select the date you want the item(s) to arrive by clicking on the calendar. The little red numbers show availability.
  3. make sure your correct delivery site is selected, or choose the “pick up” option if you’d rather fetch the item from the Education Centre yourself.
  4. click the “Book Item(s)” button.


Geoffrey Allen
Supervisor, Library & Resources Services
Waterloo Region District School Board
51 Ardelt Ave., Kitchener, ON, N2C 2R5
519-570-0003 ext. 4425

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