PE: Large Group Games

‘Minute to Win It’ style

This Blows (balloons, cups) The players have to blow up a balloon and use the air in the balloon to blow 5 cups off of a table. The balloon can be blown up as many times as necessary to accomplish this task.

The Elevator (erasers, rulers, string) Teams must attach long strings to the ruler creating a shelf. The contestant then wraps each of the long strings over each of their ears and 2 small erasers are placed on the ruler shelf.

The object of the game is to move the erasers to their shoulders by pulling the strings and raising the pencils to their mouth. (Think about a window washer’s scaffolding- it is the same principle).

The contestant will need to lean over so that the erasers are not knocked off by bumping into their body. It is important to keep those pencils level so the erasers do not fall off.


Wheel of a Deal (decks of cards)

Wheel of A Deal requires 5 small tables set in a circle and a table in the center. On the center table spread out 4 of each, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 from a deck of cards, face down. The object of the game is to sort or separate 20 of the cards into 5 piles, each with the like cards on a different table. All of the aces on one table, the kings on the other and so one. This is a great game for all ages and can be adjusted in number of cards or sets for younger children.

Spaceman (blindfolds, balls) Spread out the balls in a playing area.

After being blindfolded, the player is spun around 2 times then the clock begins.

When the clock starts, the player begins searching for a ball (without crawling). Their teammates shout directions.

To complete the game, player must obtain 2 balls (holding them at the same time)

Bucket Head (Buckets, tennis balls)

1) When the clock starts, player may grab 1 ball at a time and bounce it so that it hits the floor then wall before attempting to catch it in the bucket headgear.

2) Only balls caught behind the foul line may count toward total.

3) Ball must bounce directly from wall to bucket in order to score.

4) Player can’t play from a kneeling or seated position, or touch the bucket with the hands while trying to catch a ball.

5) To complete the game, player must catch and retain a total of 3 balls in the bucket atop the head

Loop It (hula hoops, elephant or basketballs)

1) Place the balls in two rows at a designated distance away

2) Place a foul line at a designated distance away from the first row of balls.

3) When the clock starts, use backspin to roll hula-hoops towards the bottles without crossing the foul line.

4) To complete the game, 3 hula-hoops must land completely around 3 balls

Keep it Up (feathers)

1) When the clock starts, player may release two feathers and begin to blow on them to keep them in the air.

2) If the feather touches any part of the player’s body, or touches the floor, the game is over. Incidental contact on the face is allowed.

3) To complete the game, player must use only his or her breath to keep both feathers from touching the ground for the 60-second time limit.

Suck it Up (straws, small square of white paper)

1) Set up a stack of 5 small squares of paper for each team

2) When the clock starts, player may use only his or her mouth to pick up the flexible straw out of the bowl of candies, and suck up the paper onto the straw. Player may then attempt to transfer it to the other side of the room

3) If a paper falls off a straw, it’s out of play.

4). The team who gets the most paper to the other side wins

Yank Me (styrofoam cups, index cards)

When clock starts, player begins to stack a tower consisting of upside down cups topped with index cards.

Once tower is completed, player must pull cards out from tower 1 at a time, starting from top, until all cups nest together.

To complete game, cards must be completely removed, and cups must form a single stack


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