National Film Board: Black History Month

Diversity and Dreaming Big

Give your students an amazing opportunity to make their mark both in a diverse workplace and within their own communities. In our newest Virtual Classroom, highly accomplished Black professionals and community leaders—including Olympian and broadcast journalist Rosey Edeh and Toronto’s Poet Laureate and Governor General’s Award-winner Dr. George Elliott Clarke—will prepare participants to reach for their career goals with confidence, ambition and the support of outstanding mentors. They’ll also advise students on giving back to their own communities, sharing inspiring stories from their own experiences with an exciting variety of not-for-profit groups.
Taking place during Black History Month, this virtual classroom event is a joint initiative between Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the National Film Board of Canada and Toronto Heritage. It will celebrate the achievements of Black Canadians and help nurture respect for diversity. Students of all cultural backgrounds will be enriched by our virtual classroom: They’ll learn about the barriers members of Canada’s minority communities often face and about the outstanding contributions of Black Canadians to our society.
Students can send questions in advance to shape this discussion with an Olympian, a leadership trainer in the financial sector, a lawyer and a family doctor—each passionately committed to diverse community initiatives for Black youth.
  • The conversation will be moderated by Dr. George Elliott Clarke.
  • Students can participate from anywhere in Canada, on February 19,  2015, 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. EST,
  • we stream live from Regent Park, Toronto—one of Canada’s most multicultural neighbourhoods.
  • Subscription fee: $50, or a special rate of $40 for CAMPUS subscribers.
Register today to set your students on the road toward a brilliant career!

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