Khan Academy Offers Cash to High School Teachers


All the technology you and your students love and use — mobile games, medical devices, YouTube videos — are all made with code. Imagine what your students could invent!

Thanks to a partnership with and Google, you can earn $1,000 or more for your classroom by helping your students complete an online, self-guided, introductory coding course.

Register your class

Any public high school teacher can participate! Whether you’re teaching English, math, or art history — if your students can type, they can get started with this tutorial. You can offer extra credit, start an after-school coding club, or spend a week on programming in your classroom. Your students can discover the magic of coding in a 12-hour course at their own pace.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Register your class at and invite your students to join it. Help them complete the Intro to JS course by March 17, 2015.
  • Step 2: In April, you’ll receive a gift code equal to $100 per student (e.g. if you help 15 students, you’ll receive a $1,500 gift code).
  • Step 3: You’ll receive a wrap-up survey for your students. If 10 or more of you students self-identify as part of groups traditionally under-represented in computer science, we’ll send you an additional $1,000 gift code as a thank you.

Questions? See the full details, which also explain how to get help if any coding questions come up. Together we can help more students learn to code AND bring more funding into the classroom.

Let’s do it!

Pamela Fox
Khan Academy Computer Science Curriculum Lead & Lover of All Things Code

PO Box 1630, Mountain View, CA 94042 | Our Privacy Policy

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P.S. Have questions? Take a look at our FAQ and start helping your students discover the beauty of coding, today


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