Toronto Star: Classroom Connection – What does social justice mean to you?

Teachers, if you are looking for an authentic purpose and audience for student writing, media or art, you may be interested in what the Toronto Star is launching below.  They will be releasing newspaper sets (similar to what they released on the wars at Remembrance Day, and what we received at networking) in the spring.

Classroom Connection: What Does Social Justice Mean to You? 

TEACHERS: This spring, we will be launching a new Social Justice activity workbook for schools in Canada.

We want YOUR students to help DESIGN the front cover
by answering the question:
What does social justice mean to you?

Schools play an important role in setting the tone for the ways people live in the broader community; and therefore are at the heart of social change.

Terms of entry

  • Submission must be made by a certified Canadian teacher
  • By submitting your entries you agree to allow Toronto Star Newspapers Limited to include your submission to form a word cloud, which will be used to create the front cover for our social justice resource to schools. There will be no compensation made for participating in this project. If space permits, the resource may list all the names of the schools that participated in forming the word cloud.

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