Growing use of contract faculty in Ontario traps many in precarious work, threatens quality of higher education

As an Occasional Teacher, this is an issue I can relate to. It’s hard enough trying to get a contract as a full-time teacher, but imagine having to compete with lower quality and cheaper “teachers” for these few jobs? How many of us could afford to be OTs forever?

“Improving the working conditions of contract faculty is about improving the learning experience for students across the province,” said Lawson. “It’s also about social justice and fairness for every academic employee.” 

Please read:

The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) launched a campaign this morning to address the issue of increased reliance on contract faculty in Ontario’s universities. This was done in solidarity with the American contract faculty walkout.

As you likely know, this isn’t an issue that’s only occurring south of the border. The CBC estimates that over half of Canadian university courses are taught by contract faculty. These professors don’t have access to the same job security, pay and benefits as their tenured colleagues despite doing the same work. The quality of Ontario’s postsecondary education system is threatened by the poor working conditions of contract faculty.

You can find the campaign here:

And here’s the full press release:


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