Canadian Geographic – Giant Floor Maps & Teacher Resources

All of these maps come with teacher guides and lessons! Check them out!

Parks Canada giant floor map

Parks Canada actively works to celebrate Canada’s unique geography and rich cultural history. Explore our great nation through our National Parks, National Historic Sites and National Marine Conservation Areas and take students’ learning to a deeper level with ten curriculum-linked activities. With engaging activities, authentic props and innovative teaching techniques, this map is sure to spark curiosity in students of all ages


Canada from space giant floor map

This map is out of this world. Canada from Space is comprised of images taken by Canada’s RADARSAT-2 and is the first of its kind. Explore how Earth observation satellites monitor Canada and can be used to protect and prepare Canadians. Through ten curriculum-linked activities, students will learn first-hand how pollution and natural disasters impact our country, the importance of Canada’s arctic ice, and the scientific phenomenon of the northern lights. They will also get a chance to see Canada from the International Space Station, through the eyes of the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Energy production and transmission giant floor map

Energy is produced in many different places and in many different ways all across Canada. Dive into the complex transmission lines that crisscross across our country and explore Canada’s power generation stations, oil refineries, wind farms and more. Learn more

Wild Migrations giant floor map

As the first giant floor map to show all of North America, Wild Migrations was created in partnership with the Canadian Wildlife Federation and features the migratory routes of 20 different North American species at risk. Through 10 curriculum-linked activities and associated props, students will explore species migration, learn how animals are classified as at risk and be inspired to take action.

Arctic Alive giant floor map

The Arctic is full of life and comprised of more than fifteen ecosystems, thousands of plant and animal species and is home to more than 100,000 Canadians. Students can explore the natural diversity of Canada’s North through this giant floor map developed in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN). The map and the ten curriculum-linked activities encourage students to challenge and refine their perceptions of nature in the Arctic through the CMN’s four main disciplines: zoology, botany, palaeobiology and mineralogy. Learn how to introduce this resource to your class with this helpful guide. Get your students exploring the Arctic before the map arrives with this helpful introduction lesson.


The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

Canada’s boreal forest dominates our country’s geography. Explore the region, from the tip of Newfoundland and Labrador to the Yukon/Alaska border, and learn about Aboriginal treaty boundaries, protected areas within the forest and woodland caribou ranges. With engaging activities and innovative teaching techniques, this map will spark curiosity in students of all ages.


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