3 PE Dance Resources

CODE: Council of Ontario Dance & Dance Educators

CODE is YOUR subject association for Drama and Dance in Ontario

  • An active network of Drama and Dance colleagues, mentors, artists, arts advocates and student teachers
  • A reliable resource for you and your program – one phone call or e-mail away!!!
  • A website filled with articles, lesson plans, ideas and links to many practical classroom resources
  • An annual conference – a place to sharpen your skills and connect with others who share your concerns

Groove Edgeucation

We are NOT your average dance company! We are creating a COMMUNITYof educators who want to make a DIFFERENCE! Who want to inspire a generation of HEALTHY, HAPPY, CREATIVE, CONFIDENT human beings through the power of MUSIC, MOVEMENT and DANCE…. We call it THEGROOVE.

We are committed to creating REVOLUTIONARY educational products that support total health…(good for the BODY, BRAIN and BEING) for students of all ages, at risk youth, teachers, educators and anyone wanting to find their inner GROOVE!


We help kids channel their physical and emotional energy for good. GoNoodle’s short desk-side physical activities — also called brain breaks — help teachers manage their classroom and improve student performance.


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