AERO: Alternative Education Resources for Ontario


AERO is a web-based digital repository operated by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

The mandate of AERO is to provide alternate format text to students with perceptual disabilities who attend publicly funded educational institutions in Ontario. AERO enables students with perceptual disabilities to access educational materials in a format they require and in a timely manner. For example, a student with vision impairment can have their textbooks converted to Braille.

Production has also started for the new braille code, the United English Braille (UEB) code in both grade 1 and grade 2 braille. To locate the titles we have produced in this medium, select the medium UEB gr 1 or gr 2, select a subject, i.e. mathematics then search. This search will display the math titles produced for this medium.

AERO has produced titles from the popular Forest of Reading 2015 list. To browse what titles we have, in the title field type Forest of Reading and leave all other fields blank. This search will show the titles available and their mediums.
To learn more about AERO services and the formats available, please visit About Us

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