Historical Thinking Infographic



  1. historical_thinkingHistorical Significance
    How does the past help us make sense of the present?
    How do we make choices about what is worth remembering?
  2. Cause & Consequence
    What part do individuals and groups play in promoting, shaping and resisting change?
    What actions, beliefs or circumstances led to these consequences?
  3. Continuity & Change
    How have things changed? How have they remained the same?
    Is this progress or decline?
    How fast or how slow does change happen?

  4. Historical Perspective
    What are the challenges of imagining their world from where we stand?
    What should we know about the context in which an event took place, or in which a person lived?
    How did  people in the past view their world?



http://historicalthinking.ca/historical-thinking-concepts Created by Jacqueline Smith | @jaltheasmith


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