Anti-Bullying: The Validation Project

Founded in January 2013 by teen Valerie Weisler, The Validation Project is an international organization committed to uniting teenagers worldwide to use their unique talents to make their positive mark on the world.

They give teens:

  • volunteering opportunities according to their interests

  • leadership resources

  • connections with mentors in their desired field

  • recommendation for college

  • community service hours

  • proof that your age is not a barrier to make a mark

In addition to working with more than five thousand young people one-on-one, we also unite all our Validators through international campaigns. Our teens use their leadership skills and talents to implement ways to raise awareness and make an impact for a specific cause they’re passionate about. To date, we’ve raised $40,000 worth of items for people in need and raised awareness of 

  • domestic violence

  • bullying

  • homelessness

  • special needs 

  • advocating for equality



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