Spiral – Quickfire, Discuss & TeamUp Apps for the classroom

There are so many apps for the classroom right now – an embarrassment of riches. Here’s another neat one – Spiral. Their Quickfire app is like Kahoot!  The “Discuss” app is more unique, in that it allows discussion around presentations. TeamUp allows for small group collaboration.  I haven’t had a chance to use it in a classroom yet, but thought’d I’d pass it along!

Great things happen when your students learn together

What happens when you bring collaborative learning to the classroom? Collaborative learning promotes the idea that students can only achieve their own goal once everyone else has reached theirs. This enables them to interact with each other and work on their social skills in a supportive environment.

Studies have shown that learning together:

  • raises achievement
  • encourages individual accountability
  • allows students to develop a regard for others

Spiral easily integrates collaborative learning into your classroom.

Our apps

Our evolving range of complementary apps build into one collaborative platform

QuickfireGet your whole class involved in question and answer activities.

Quickfire - EdTech for quick Q&As in class

DiscussCreate interactive presentations to spark creativity in class.


Team UpImprove the process and outcomes of group work.


Progress reports

All student responses are saved, allowing formative assessment and progress tracking, resulting in personal learning journeys

Quickfire - EdTech for quick Q&As in class


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