Canadian Opera Company Field Trips

Canadian Opera Company

“This thrill and appreciation of opera (and of all art forms) is a critical part of an education curriculum which ensures an understanding and appreciation that in art and music, one can find inspiration, joy, escapism, awe and humanistic insight – which to me, are all very necessary elements of character development.” Teacher, Dundas Public School


Living Opera


An afternoon of operatic exploration for high school students! Living Opera includes:

  • An introduction to opera history and the plot of a mainstage opera
  • A vocal music session with an opera singer
  • A drama workshop exploring the plot and characters of the opera
  • A backstage tour of the Four Seasons Centre
  • Cost: Just $30/student including opera ticket, or $12/student as a standalone workshop.
  • Minimum: 20 students.


  • Explore career opportunities in the arts by speaking with professional opera singers,
    instrumentalists, stage technicians, and arts administrators
  • Learn more about vocal health and safe practices
  • Operatic history and terminology
  • Encourage reflection and discussion about the performance in your classroom




  • Grades: K – 12
  • Cost: Starts at $1200 for a six-to-eight week creation program

Classrooms participating in the Opera Creation Program have the unique opportunity to collaborate with professional artists while creating their own opera. Choose to connect the story to a particular  curriculum focus, explore a social issue or element of character education, or have students choose their own theme.

Students will be engaged in the process from the beginning, becoming composers, librettists, designers, and then performers in their own 15-minute opera. Additional elements, including a visit from an opera singer, are available for an additional fee.

This program is designed for one class to create an opera from start to finish. Multiple classes can each create their own opera and present them together – a great idea for an end-of-year Music or Parents’ Night or graduation event!


  • Visual art & design
  • Careers in music, drama, and visual arts
  • Dramatic performance as an individual and in an ensemble
  • Musical performance as an individual and in an ensemble
  • Elements of a story, creative writing and language
  • Connect the opera to your work in character education, social studies students, or other curricular areas!


  • Three visits from a librettist
  • Four visits from a composer
  • Two visits from a designer
  • Four visits from a director
  • Access to an accompanist for two classes
  • Resources and support from the COC School Programs Manager


Custom workshops allow teachers to explore opera through the lens of vocal music, drama, or design while working with professional artists. Invite the COC into your own classroom, or pay us a visit!

Explore a well-loved opera, workshop a piece of music with your vocal class, or learn about writing your own libretto – it’s up to you! Contact us to begin crafting a completely custom workshop.

Works hop ideas

  1. Opera-specific workshops: Before you attend one of our mainstage operas, work with a COC artist educator to learn about the plot, characters, and music of the opera through a vocal, drama, or design workshop. Or, after viewing an opera, delve further into these subjects and spark reflective classroom discussion. Through interactive activities and active engagement, students will explore what is important about the music, plot, and/or design of this production, and what professionals in each field need to consider when staging it.
  2. Voice workshops: Bring an opera singer into your school to work on a piece of music or help re-affirm vocal technique.
  3. Drama and Media Literacy workshops: Explore an opera story through movement and creative writing activities.
  4. Orchestral workshops: Invite a member from the COC orchestra to lead a master class with your strings or band classes.
  5. Visual arts focus: Invite an opera designer into your school to construct props, sets, or costumes to bring an opera or a non-opera story to life.


  • Careers in the arts
  • Music history
  • Vocal health for singers
  • Visual arts and design
  • Creating characters in drama presentations



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