Clay & Glass Field Trip for Visual Arts

The Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery invites you to book now for an educational field trip during the 2015-2016 school year. Our curriculum-based program fosters visual literacy, engages imaginations and encourages creativity.

The two-hour field trip is divided between

  • a hands-on clay workshop, and
  • a guided tour through the exhibition.


Classroom teachers (JK to Gr. 8) may bring their class for a cost of $8 per student, with a $120 minimum per class. We advise that teachers arrange to have one adult volunteer for every five
students. Volunteers will be asked to assist throughout the tour and studio workshop. Schools will be invoiced after the scheduled visit. There is no charge for teachers and volunteers.

In the Exhibition Tour students will:

engage in a group discussion based on observations made about the artwork.  This will be done answering questions provided by the instructor that are based on the Arts curriculum. To learn more about our current exhibitions, visit

In the Studio Workshop students will:

Take part in an enjoyable hands-on clay sculpture activity that promotes technical skill development, physical dexterity and creativity. Clay projects are geared for the age and skill level of the class.  Choices include, but are not limited to; lantern houses, masks, picture frames, lidded jars, character heads, and decorative coil-built bowls.  If your class has visited before, let us know the projects they’ve made so we can offer a new project.

Projects are fired on-site; teachers will be emailed when they are available for pick-up. The Gallery makes every effort to fire projects carefully, but on occasion some projects are damaged during the firing process. We do our best to repair the projects. Please ask about cut-off dates for special occasions like Mothers Day and Christmas. These are put in place so that projects can be returned on time.

French Option: Our exhibitions tours are delivered in English, but studio programs can be delivered in French.

JK/SK & Grade 1 Classes: Classes delivered to JK/SK and Grade 1’s are shortened to 1.5 Hours.

Occasionally the exhibitions contain mature themes and subject matter.  Please speak to us upon booking, if this is a concern.

For inquires or to schedule your class trip please contact Nadine Badran, Manager of Public Programs, at:   or (519) 746-1882 ext. 233


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