Waterloo Museum Field Trip Options

2016/2017 Education Programs:

Mini Museum Goers – Pre-school Program

Early Learning/Kindergarten Children are introduced to the gallery museum and community outings through fun activities on a variety of themes. Choose from program themes such as; Collecting, People in our Community, or Jobs and Working. Available January to April only. 1.5 hours, maximum 40 children.

Once Upon a Time

Kindergarten/Grade 1 – Social Studies 

Nursery rhymes are the theme in this fun program, where students can see animals, feed the chickens, play games and help with household chores. Heritage and Citizenship – Relationships, Rules and Responsibilities. 1.5 hours, maximum 45 students.

Everyday Structures

Grade 1 – Science and Technology/Social Studies

In this highly interactive program, students use tools and models to simulate construction techniques while examining barn frames, log buildings and other structures. Structures and Mechanisms. Two hours, maximum 60 students.

Family and Community Traditions

Grade 2 – Social Studies

This program introduces students to a variety of events and festivals celebrated in the Region of Waterloo including Eid, Hanukah, Diwali and Chinese New Years. Combine with A Village Christmas 1914 to make a full day visit. Heritage and Identity – Changing Family and Community Traditions. Two hours, maximum 60 students (offered November and December).

A Village Christmas 1914 

Grade 2 and 3 – Social Studies 

Christmas and the New Year’s are the tools used to demonstrate how traditions and celebrations are passed on, preserved and changed. Students examine ethnic groups as well as home and public celebrations. Combine with Family and Community Traditions to make a full day visit. Grade 2: Heritage and Identity – Changing Family and Community Traditions. Two hours, maximum 90 students.

Waterloo Wellington Children’s Groundwater Festival

Grades 2 to 5 – across curricular event/program

Covers a variety of Science and Technology, and Heritage and Citizenship units. Full day, unlimited students, *free busing when applicable. For more information visit www.wwcgf.com.

Strong and Stable Structures

Grade 3- Science and Technology/Social Studies

This structures program advances the material learned in Grade 1 with an emphasis on what makes a building stable. Students look at joints, struts, braces, ties and more in a variety of structures on site. Structures and Mechanisms – Strong and Stable Structures Heritage and Identity – Communities in Canada: 1780 to 1850. Two hours, maximum 60 students.

Communities in Canada 1780 to 1850 – half day

Grade 3 – Social Studies – Heritage and Identity 

(replaces Early Settlement in Upper Canada). An integrated and highly interactive look at the three main communities in southwestern Ontario in this period. First Nations, African Canadians and European settlers. How they lived and interacted. Heritage and Identity – Communities in Canada, 1780 to 1850.
Two hours, maximum 75 students.

Communities in Canada 1780 to 1850 – full day

Grade 3 – Social Studies – Heritage and Identity

(replaces Early Settlement in Upper Canada). Our full-day version of this popular program. First Nations, African Canadians and European settlers. Comparisons of how they lived and interacted during this period. A more in-depth look at all three groups of people in Southern Ontario, students will see the majority of our historic buildings in this more comprehensive program with lots of great hands-on activities. Heritage and Identity – Communities in Canada, 1780 to 1850. Four hours, maximum 120 students.

Amazing Machines

Grade 4 – Science and Technology 

Students are challenged to use the seven simple machines and their problem solving skills to deal with real life issues. Devices such as block and tackles and winches are used by students in full scale. Structures and Mechanisms – Pulleys and Gears Two hours, maximum 60 students.

Forest Festival

Grade 6 and 7 – Science and Technology, Social Studies and Geography

The Forest Festival teaches students several key messages; the importance of the Forest Life Zone, forest ecosystems, species at risk, stewardship and conservation and climate change through hands-on interactive activities. Relates to many studies of science and geography across the curriculum. Full-day program, 500 students per day (October 6 and 7, 2016).

Heritage Fairs Program

Grade 6 to 10 – History and Geography

Sign up for the Ontario Heritage Fairs Program. A great way to teach inquiry and historical thinking. Students use historical thinking skills to research and create their own exhibits to be judged at the school and at the Regional Fair, held at the Waterloo Region Museum each year. A variety of awards are available for student excellence. Numbers vary, The Heritage Fair program addresses the thrust of the new Social Studies, History and Geography curriculum. Regional Fair held annually in May.

First Peoples Festival

Grade 5 to 8 – Heritage and Identity, Aboriginal Perspectives: The Teachers Toolkit

Learn about the history and current realities of the Region’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit population. A three day educational festival presented in partnership with the local First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities and organizations. Dance, crafts, art, Elders and traditional teachings, current issues and more. Relates to many studies of history across the curriculum. Full day, maximum 400 students per day (September 27 to September 29, 2016).

Louis Riel Day

Grade 5 to 8 Heritage and Identity, Aboriginal Perspectives: The Teachers Toolkit

A commemoration of the events surrounding this great Canadian.  Raising of the Métis Flag, a variety of workshops, Métis and Voyageur games, music and other activities.  (November 16, 2016).

Grassroots Groundwater

Grade 8 – Earth and Space Systems, and Water Systems

A hands-on program where students work with real monitoring wells to map aquifers, measure draw down and compare surface and groundwater quality. Two hours, maximum 120 students Combine this program with ‘Canada: A Changing Society’ for a full day experience.

Canada: A Changing Society – half or full day

Grade 8 and 10 – History

In this program, students learn about lifestyles, technology, and the factors of social change in 1914. Teachers may select from a variety of activities from health and medicine to leisure and entertainment. Grade 8: History – Canada: A Changing Society. Half or full day, maximum 120 students.

Berlin to Kitchener in the Great War
Grade 10 – History 
Technology, soldiers, women’s history and a name change. What happened in Waterloo County and Berlin in the First World War? Canadian History Since World War I – academic and applied Two hours, maximum 80 students Combine this program with ‘Canada: A Changing Society’ for a full day experience.

Aboriginal Issues Symposium

Grades 9 to 12 – History and Native Studies

The Secondary School Aboriginal Symposium is held spring and fall for students in both semesters. The day features a keynote speaker and break out sessions dealing with current issues, treaties and the realities of the aboriginal community. Full day, maximum 300 students (October 30, 2016).

Great War Education Day

Grade 10 – History

A new event-style program offered in partnership with the History Matters Association, a Great War re-enactor organization. Enthusiastic presenters with lots of collected First World War artifacts and paraphernalia. Military fashion show of the different nations, battle school, role of women, equipment demonstrations and much more. Full day, maximum 400 students. (October 3 and 4, 2016).

For more information or to make a booking call 519-748-1914 or email:

Dave Neufeld
Education Coordinator

Jamie Perham
Education Bookings


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