Scientists in Schools Workshop Catalogue

2016-17 Workshop Catalogue

scientists-in-schoolsKindergarten to Grade 8 science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs




Backyard Bugs – Buzz about Bees – I Can Be a Scientist – Magnet Magic for Little Explorers – Sensational Science – Simply Marvellous Machines – There’s No Place like Home! – Water Fun for Kindergarten Scientists – Winter Wonders! – Young Friends of the Earth


  • Primary: Animal Coverings And Adaptations* – Let It Flow: Air And Water – Soil: It’s Too Important To Be Treated Like Dirt!
  • Junior: Celestial Sleuths – Conserve your Energy – Don’t take Rocks for Granite – Energy: The Power to Change
  • Intermediate: Groundwater Investigations – Hot Stuff!


  • Primary: Food Chains* – Keep Track: Animal Autographs* – Never say Ugh to a Bug* – Ocean Habitats and Adaptations – Plants Do Amazing Things
  • Junior: Battles in the Tropical Rainforest* – Body Works – Classy Critters – Habitats and Communities
  • Intermediate: Cell Explorers: Investigating Cell Structure and Function


  • Primary: Math: It Counts*
  • Junior: Fractions In Action* – Math Builders: Math From The Ground Up*
  • Intermediate: Math Is My Business*


  • Primary: Energy Makes It Happen – Force, Of Course! – Looking at Liquids
  • Junior: Electricity: Get Charged – Light Up Your Life – Sound is Music to my Ears – What in the World is Matter?
  • Intermediate: Close Encounters of a Chemical Kind – Fluid Power


  • Primary: Kitchen Chemistry for Curious Kids* – Microscopy: More than Meets the Eye* – Sense and Sense-Abilities – Toys and Technology: Fun with Physics*
  • Junior: Adventures in the Bone Zone* – Brainstorm: Journey to the Centre of the Mind* – Clued into Forensic Science* – Charge Up Your Energy*
  • Intermediate: And the Band Played On* – Gene: How Do You Pass It On* – Global Climate Change*


  • Primary: Get Moving with Toys! – Move It! – Structures: Stable and Strong – Structures: Under Construction
  • Junior: Air and Flight – Gearing Up: Fun with Pulleys and Gears – May the Force be with You
  • Intermediate: Engineering Challenges – Systems at Work

ONTARIO : PROGRAMME EN FRANÇAIS – Offert seulement à Ottawa

Maternelle et jardin : Je peux être un scientifique – À la découverte des machines simples!

  1. 1re : Avec l’énergie, c’est possible! – Les animaux : ruses et environnement* – Structures: en chantier!
  2. 2e année : Air et eau : à la source de la vie – Ça bouge! – Jetons un coup d’oeil aux liquides – Les animaux : ruses et environnement*
  3. 3e année : Aventures dans le monde des os* – Le sol : un trésor sous nos pieds – Structures : stables et solides – Tours de force!
  4. 4e année : Aventures dans le monde des os* – Engrenages et poulies : du plaisir garanti! – Illuminez votre vie – Roches et fossiles : faites d’une pierre deux coups!
  5. 5e année : Aventures dans le monde des os* – Le corps humain – Que la force soit avec toi! – Qu’est-ce que la matière?
  6. 6e année : Aventures dans le monde des os* – Des bestioles avec de la classe – L’air et le vol – L’électricité : un sujet électrisant! – La conquête de l’espace



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