Math WebQuests

Math Webquests enable online explorations in mathematics. Each webquest is a unique exploration designed to be fun and engaging. Webquests make connections between mathematics and the real-world. Students who embark on webquests become engaged in both finding information and learning from it. Give it a try!


Exponents and Scientific Notation

Scientists use math to express relationships and to measure the size and distance of objects. For example, scientific notation is used to express a planet’s distance from the sun, or the size of bacteria. Explore these connections!

Integers and Science

Explore the connections between integers and science. The boiling and freezing point of liquids, the melting and freezing points of solids, and the temperature of planets, are all expressed as integers. Learn more.

Mathematics and Climate

Scientists use mathematics to better understand oceans, the atmosphere, and polar ice caps. Explore climate change, and how it is monitored.

Mathematics and Sports

Math plays an important role in sports! We have four webquests on Win-Loss Percentage, graphing data for Olympics and Super Bowls, Batting Average and ERA, and the NBA Draft Lottery. Explore this exciting group of webquests.

Mathematics and the Summer Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are being held in London from July 27 to August 12. Discover the exciting connections between math and the Summer Olympic Games with this quest!

Number Theory

Are you ready to help your garden grow using multiples? Count with Fibonacci? Bake with Eratosthenes? We invite you toexplore these fun topics!

Percent in Daily Life

Students often question the need to learn mathematical topics. Whether you are shop, work, or play sports, you are using percent. Learn more!

Pi Day Celebration

Pi Day is celebrated around the world on March 14. Explore the history and meaning of Pi, and choose activities to Celebrate Pi Day!



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