Free ETFO Art Resource: The Heart & Art of Learning – Practical Ideas and Resources for Beginning Teachers

The Heart & Art of Learning –  Practical Ideas and Resources for Beginning Teachers





As a Beginning Teacher, you bring many gifts to your classroom. Your enthusiasm for learning and commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the students you work with are tremendous assets to your school. Our goal in writing this book is not only to provide a practical resource for the many “firsts” you will encounter, but also to encourage and enhance your personal learning journey. As we begin this journey together, please accept our sincere thanks for the difference you will be making in the lives of your students.

Co-Authors Joanne Languay is an Executive Staff member in Professional Services – Professional Development with ETFO. Her two daughters teach her about life and learning every single day. Joanne believes that every child is a world of possibilities. It is the educator’s job to discover how each student is “smart” and to build on that knowledge.

Jim Strachan has been working with (and learning from) children for 27 years as a social worker, classroom teacher of grades 2 to 8, and instructional leader. For the past seven years, he has been the Program Coordinator: Beginning Teachers in the Toronto District School Board (his dream job). By modelling caring, compassion, co-operation and humour, Jim believes we can contribute to the success of all children. Jim starts each day in his kayak watching the sun rise over Lake Ontario.


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