Storybird – storytelling made easy

Storybird Studio is a free suite of easy-to-use creative, administrative, and social tools for writing, reading, and storytelling.

Studio brings the best of our platform to the 300,000+ schools, libraries, and clubs who use Storybird and easily adapts to the needs of any grade level, curriculum, subject, or teaching standard.

Three different writing formats help students unlock their creativity:

  • Our new longform chapter books, aimed at mature writers/readers
  • The award-winning picture book, ideal for younger students
  • Poetry, a fast, fun idea generator suitable for all ages

These tools sit atop a powerful dashboard that makes it easy to on-board members, assign projects, give feedback, and monitor activity—all in a private setting. And Storybird Studio works in the browser, making it accessible on any device without the hassles of app downloads, installations, or management.

With Studio, we’re aiming for a creative writing/language arts sweet-spot: inspiring and fun for writers; fast and powerful for teachers; endlessly expansive for readers; and plain ol’ beautiful for everyone in-between.



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