ChangeGamer promotes the use of digital games to study themes such as energy, climate change, natural disasters, the environment, economics, politics, history and science.  The main function of ChangeGamer is to find high-quality games, and to create student activities for each of those games.  The vast majority of games are free, browser-based, and playable on a number of different platforms (e.g. PC, Mac, Chromebook, etc.).  All of the posted activities are free and have been tested in middle and high school classrooms (Gr.7-12). We have created answer keys for a number of the student activities where applicable – if you are a teacher and require any of these email us through the contact page using your school email address.

In addition, ChangeGamer:

ChangeGamer is comprised of teachers and academics who volunteer their time to further the use of computer games in subjects such as Social Studies, Geography, and Science.  ChangeGamer was founded in 2014 in Toronto, building on the experience of teachers who have been using computer games in their classrooms for up to 10 years.

NOTE:  As with any type of educational tool, such as a film, book or article, the games cataloged on the ChangeGamer website each carry their own bias.  While ChangeGamer does not necessarily fully support the views expressed in all of the games, we do feel they are important conversation starters about serious issues.



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