Kids Write 4 Kids Contest – deadline March 31, 2017


It’s Story Time!

Are your students sharing stories on Instagram, or Snap Chat?  Do they write outlandish stories for classroom assignments that bring tears to your eyes? Kids Write 4 Kids is seeking children in grades 4 – 8, who have an interest in sharing tales of adventures, travel or something that makes them giggle.

Kids Write 4 Kids is an annual writing challenge that provides winner(s) with the opportunity to be a published author before high school. In addition to author fame, the annual proceeds from book sales are donated to that year’s winners’ schools. School(s) are also provided with the option of selling their author’s book for fundraising. Winner(s) will have an opportunity to take part in the following year’s judging panel.

Kids Write 4 Kids has published 10 winning titles from youth authors across Canada. These books are available in the Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle and Kobo. Get these links at our website.

Want to know more about the experience? Watch this video that Safaa Ali, one of our first authors, shared with us, on how Kids Write 4 Kids impacted her and boosted her confidence.

View contest details here

For tips on writing a good story, visit

You can also visit here to take a look at some of the previously published Kids Write 4 Kids ebooks.



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