Brainstorming Dos in the Classroom

Adapted from Dr. Roger Taylor



Brainstorm all of the _________________________________.

Brainstorm as many __________________ as you can think of.

How many ways can you come up with __________________?



This type of question asks for the generation of large number of responses and helps to develop fluent thinking. Maintain these basic rules to insure freedom of expression.

  1. No criticism of ideas (verbal or otherwise)
  2. Quantity over quality. The more the merrier.
  3. Get Creative! Strive for wild and far out ideas.
  4. Give it time. Maintain the process for long enough to produce a large quantity of ideas.

Use the quantity model beyond the first rush of ideas. Long periods of silence do not indicate that the thinking has stopped. The most productive ideas come after the initial burst, so allow enough time for the second burst of ideas, or third,…or more!

Sounds you hear when… Things made more beautiful by age Morning things
Words that begin with… Things that are lighter than a penny Sour things
Things that reflect Things that crumple in your hand Purple things
Things you like to touch Things that harmonize Mysterious things
Colour names Magnetic things Heavy things
Things that reflect Types of jobs Joyous things
Things your can’t see Things that are more beautiful at night Powerful words
Ways of travelling Things you say with your hands Dangerous words
Types of relationships Things you can communicate with your eyes only Feelings

Examples of Brainstorming questions in

Social Studies

  • Types of jobs
  • Ways of travelling
  • People in power
  • Voices not heard
  • Connections to the present
  • Ways life is different now


  • Types of reactions/interactions
  • Other uses of ___________
  • Similar to…
  • Ways to mess up an experiment
  • Types of bias
  • How life would be different if


  • Connections to self, school, other literary works, the world
  • Similar settings
  • Other places the story could take place
  • Different endings to
  • Lessons learned



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