Hinky Pinkies: vocab brain booster

e054e058c3c6168dda58d3b40929905cHere’s a brain booster that is also fun. Hink Pinks are word puzzles that use two-word clues to lead to a rhyming solution. Whether kids are solving the riddles or creating their own, they are expanding their vocabulary, practicing rhyming skills, and discovering just how much fun wordplay can be.

Hink Pinks are one syllable word answers that rhyme. Hinky Pinkies are two-syllable words that rhyme. For example, a stinky sandwich shop = smelly deli. Hinkety Pinketies……………well, you get the picture!

Try these:

Hink Pink

  1. A fresh haircut for 2017 ( new do )
  2. A phobia for 365 days ( year fear )

Hinky Pinky

  1. Non-transparent ice crystal ( opaque snowflake )
  2. Blizzard winds ( snowing blowing )


For more information, click here and for a free pdf of examples, click here.


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