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Doodle for Education:

These activity kits will inspire students to express their creativity through a doodle. Students will be encouraged to explore the world around them, consider what the future could be like, and even learn how to code a doodle with a special lesson plan and game.

To help teachers or organization leaders pick the best activity for their students, the kits are broken up into four grade groups along with a special Coding a Doodle lesson plan. Parents can try these at home, too.

Lesson Plans

Ecosource waste reduction workshops for teachers/students (Mississauga/Region of Peel)

Ecosource is an Ontario-based environmental education non-profit serving youth, adults, and families. Our work began in Mississauga and has expanded throughout the Region of Peel and beyond. We are all about changing the world, right in our own backyard!

The Region of Peel’s Waste Reduction Workshops, delivered by Ecosource, for teachers and students in Mississauga

Elementary and Secondary School Workshops

Hands-on, curriculum linked lessons based on local and contemporary waste issues

The Region of Peel’s Waste Reduction Workshops, delivered by Ecosource, engage students in contemporary waste issues and foster critical thinking through hands-on learning.  These curriculum-linked workshops from Ecosource are offered to individual classes (Kindergarten to Grade 12) within Mississauga.  The program, led by qualified and knowledgeable Ecosource educators, aims to inspire change in waste reduction practices and study in each classroom by creating awareness amongst students, teachers, and administrators.


  • Minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 workshops per day for elementary schools
  • Minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 workshops per day for secondary schools
  • Maximum of 30 students per workshop
  • Student and classroom takeaways are provided to reinforce the concepts covered in each workshop
  • Workshops from Ecosource are only available to Mississauga elementary and secondary schools
  • Programs are inclusive of different learning styles and can be further accommodated based on student needs

Click below to view available workshops:

…for secondary schools (Grade 9 to 12)

Get thinking critically about waste reduction and diversion!

  • To learn more about School Waste Reduction Programs, please call us at 905-274-6222.
  • You can also download the Program Poster or contact
  • Please note: Elementary workshops are fully booked for the 2016/2017 school year.

For more information about Ecosource, please click here.

The “Look Fors” in Highly Able Children


Gifted Observation Checklist

1-Not Observed, 2-Occasionally Observed, 3-Frequently Observed, 4-Consistently Observed
Processes new information quickly
Displays a broad range of knowledge
Understands concepts beyond their age level
Demonstrates strong reasoning skills
Perseveres when faced with challenging tasks
Works independently and with focus
Completes tasks in a thorough and thoughtful way
Asks probing questions (inquisitive)
Shares comments which demonstrate insight
Generates imaginative/unique ideas/solutions
Adapts, improves, extends, modifies ideas

New Year’s Ideas

1. New Year Mascot / Symbol

babynewyearHistorically, the Baby New Year is the mascot or symbol of the start of a new year. Perhaps it is time for a new idea, perhaps even an animal that represents the idea of newness and rebirth. Create our new visual symbol and be ready to defend your choice.

2.     Wonky New Year’s Resolutions

Try creating new year’s resolutions for other people, animals, and even inanimate objects, such as:

  • Your teacher
  • Your pet/sibling/parent
  • A balloon
  • Your choice of animal
  • Justin Trudeau
  • A computer
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • What about students generating their own lists and swapping them?

Hinky Pinkies: vocab brain booster

e054e058c3c6168dda58d3b40929905cHere’s a brain booster that is also fun. Hink Pinks are word puzzles that use two-word clues to lead to a rhyming solution. Whether kids are solving the riddles or creating their own, they are expanding their vocabulary, practicing rhyming skills, and discovering just how much fun wordplay can be.

Hink Pinks are one syllable word answers that rhyme. Hinky Pinkies are two-syllable words that rhyme. For example, a stinky sandwich shop = smelly deli. Hinkety Pinketies……………well, you get the picture!

Try these:

Hink Pink

  1. A fresh haircut for 2017 ( new do )
  2. A phobia for 365 days ( year fear )

Hinky Pinky

  1. Non-transparent ice crystal ( opaque snowflake )
  2. Blizzard winds ( snowing blowing )


For more information, click here and for a free pdf of examples, click here.