Guelph Museum Education Programs 2016/17

Education Programs 2016-2017

guelph-museum2016Consider Guelph Civic Museum and McCrae House your community classroom, where history comes to life in inspiring and enriching ways. For school groups, our programs are designed to support the learning objectives of the Ontario curriculum at each level, and have been updated to align with inquiry-based learning practices. For community groups, our programs provide unique, engaging life-long learning opportunities.

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TheMuseum Education Weeks: STEM, Egypt, Aboriginals, & Medieval Times!

Education Weeks

All Education Week programs run from 10:00am until 2:00pm, with arrival between 9:20am and 9:50am.

S.T.E.M: Destination Imagination

stem-teacher-flyerNovember 7 to 10, 2016
$12 per student
Celebrate the official launch of our brand new MakerSpace, The Underground Studio, by participating in a day of interactive activities meant to level up your class on S.T.E.M! Make, tinker, build, and connect with professionals from Waterloo Region’s tech sector to showcase the potential of pursuing S.T.E.M-based careers! It all starts here.
Curriculum connections: Grade 6 Science and Technology

Unwrapping Egypt

February 21 to 24, 2017
$12 per student
Uncover over 3,000 years of history, culture and mystery from one of the world’s greatest civilizations. Reveal the secrets of the ancient Egyptian language as a prominent scribe. Get wrapped up in the world of ancient embalmers and learn what it takes to mummify a body. Explore the tools and methods used by ancient Egyptian artisans to create the structures that Egypt is so famous for, and then put your building skills to the test in a structure building competition – all led by in-character facilitators!
Curriculum connections: Grade 4 Social Sciences, Language Arts, and Science and Technology

Aboriginal Intersections

March 27-31, 2017
$12 per student
Stories unite us. They come from the traditions of the wampum weavers of the Six Nations and of oral storytellers sharing tales of Turtle Island. But they are also being explored by emerging Aboriginal artists. This program bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary Aboriginal storytellers by exposing students to mediums explored by members from several First Nations. Students will participate and contribute to all of these methods of storytelling.
Curriculum connections: Grades 1-6 Social Studies: Heritage and Identity

Medieval Week

April 24-28, 2017
$12 per student
Students will be immersed in hands-on medieval activities: try on medieval-style clothing and armour, create a decorative illuminated manuscript, concoct medieval medicines and remedies, witness a falconry demonstration and of course, master the art of medieval combat – all led by in-character facilitators!
Curriculum connections: Grade 4 Social Students: Heritage and Identity: Early Societies, 3000BCE-1500CE

Hamilton Conservation Authority


The Hamilton Conservation Authority is a not-for-profit organization that helps to protect the Watersheds of Hamilton and surrounding areas. They offer an assortment of environmental and historical programs adhering to the current curriculum.

The Hamilton Conservation Authority is pleased to present Adventures in Education outdoor environmental education programs. This series of field trip opportunities is available for both elementary and secondary school students. The focus of all Adventures in Education field trips is to provide students with hands-on outdoor environmental education experiences that meet overall student learning expectations as found in the Ministry of Education modules. Programs are available on either a full or half-day basis and are offered at the following locations.

The Hamilton Conservation Foundation and Conservation Authority gratefully acknowledge the following partners whose generous support helps to provide hands-on opportunities for children to learn and connect with their natural environment.


Please contact Ashley Doyle at 905-525-2181, or via email,



Royal Canadian Legion Open House from Oct 17-21, 2016 @ 9:00 a.m. or 12:00 p.m.



We cordially invite your Faculty and Students to an Open House at the Royal Canadian Legion, Waterloo Branch No. 530. (316 Marsland Drive, Waterloo)

We must continue to help celebrate, honour, remember, and teach our youth about the contributions and sacrifices of our Veterans and in fostering the Tradition of Remembrance amongst Canada’s Youth Waterloo Branch 530 will be Hosting a special ‘Why We Remember’ week.

The Students will partake in the Royal Canadian Legion Opening Ceremonies, with the singing of O’Canada, join in the Poppy Ritual, have a question period and watch a short video.  There will be a formal Wreath Laying by some of the Students in each class and the Closing Ceremonies with the singing of God Save the Queen.  We hope to provide the Students with a fundamental understanding of who, what, where, when and why we are called upon to defend our freedom and the democracy that we have today.  During this week, all Veteran Organizations will be setting up displays, memorials, military history and video films etc.  Pamphlets, Teacher’s Guides and information books will be available.  Veterans will speak on their experiences and answer questions.  Cadets will be in attendance explaining their varied projects and endeavors.  Descriptions and clarifications for the many Youth Programs, which are sponsored by The Royal Canadian Legion, will be made available. Discover how easy it would be to become a part of our Remembrance Day Parades on November 11th, 2015 at the Kitchener and Waterloo Cenotaphs.  March along with us and Lay a Wreath on behalf of your School and the Youth of Today.  We hope to provide a better understanding of Veteran Organizations Traditions and Ideals, their Comradeship, Loyalty and Service to our Community.

We will be proclaiming ‘Why We Remember Week’ from Monday, October 17th to Friday, October 21st, 2016

Two Sessions – Morning at 9:00 a.m. – Afternoon at 12:00 p.m.

To arrange an appointment to bring classes in, or questions regarding transportation or for any further information, please contact the Waterloo Branch 530 Co-ordinator, Cheryl Lace or leave a message for Cheryl on her cell:  519-580-8229


“Those who do not remember the past, are condemned to repeat it”
“They Served Till Death!  Why Not We?”

TIFF Elementary and High School Programs 2016/17

tiff-programsTIFF provides students and educators with innovative ways to explore the moving image and related technology through screenings and hands-on workshops. School Programming can be booked for classes from kindergarten through grade 12, and for groups of elementary and high school educators.


Visit online at

Scientists in Schools Workshop Catalogue

2016-17 Workshop Catalogue

scientists-in-schoolsKindergarten to Grade 8 science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs




Backyard Bugs – Buzz about Bees – I Can Be a Scientist – Magnet Magic for Little Explorers – Sensational Science – Simply Marvellous Machines – There’s No Place like Home! – Water Fun for Kindergarten Scientists – Winter Wonders! – Young Friends of the Earth


  • Primary: Animal Coverings And Adaptations* – Let It Flow: Air And Water – Soil: It’s Too Important To Be Treated Like Dirt!
  • Junior: Celestial Sleuths – Conserve your Energy – Don’t take Rocks for Granite – Energy: The Power to Change
  • Intermediate: Groundwater Investigations – Hot Stuff!


  • Primary: Food Chains* – Keep Track: Animal Autographs* – Never say Ugh to a Bug* – Ocean Habitats and Adaptations – Plants Do Amazing Things
  • Junior: Battles in the Tropical Rainforest* – Body Works – Classy Critters – Habitats and Communities
  • Intermediate: Cell Explorers: Investigating Cell Structure and Function


  • Primary: Math: It Counts*
  • Junior: Fractions In Action* – Math Builders: Math From The Ground Up*
  • Intermediate: Math Is My Business*


  • Primary: Energy Makes It Happen – Force, Of Course! – Looking at Liquids
  • Junior: Electricity: Get Charged – Light Up Your Life – Sound is Music to my Ears – What in the World is Matter?
  • Intermediate: Close Encounters of a Chemical Kind – Fluid Power


  • Primary: Kitchen Chemistry for Curious Kids* – Microscopy: More than Meets the Eye* – Sense and Sense-Abilities – Toys and Technology: Fun with Physics*
  • Junior: Adventures in the Bone Zone* – Brainstorm: Journey to the Centre of the Mind* – Clued into Forensic Science* – Charge Up Your Energy*
  • Intermediate: And the Band Played On* – Gene: How Do You Pass It On* – Global Climate Change*


  • Primary: Get Moving with Toys! – Move It! – Structures: Stable and Strong – Structures: Under Construction
  • Junior: Air and Flight – Gearing Up: Fun with Pulleys and Gears – May the Force be with You
  • Intermediate: Engineering Challenges – Systems at Work

ONTARIO : PROGRAMME EN FRANÇAIS – Offert seulement à Ottawa

Maternelle et jardin : Je peux être un scientifique – À la découverte des machines simples!

  1. 1re : Avec l’énergie, c’est possible! – Les animaux : ruses et environnement* – Structures: en chantier!
  2. 2e année : Air et eau : à la source de la vie – Ça bouge! – Jetons un coup d’oeil aux liquides – Les animaux : ruses et environnement*
  3. 3e année : Aventures dans le monde des os* – Le sol : un trésor sous nos pieds – Structures : stables et solides – Tours de force!
  4. 4e année : Aventures dans le monde des os* – Engrenages et poulies : du plaisir garanti! – Illuminez votre vie – Roches et fossiles : faites d’une pierre deux coups!
  5. 5e année : Aventures dans le monde des os* – Le corps humain – Que la force soit avec toi! – Qu’est-ce que la matière?
  6. 6e année : Aventures dans le monde des os* – Des bestioles avec de la classe – L’air et le vol – L’électricité : un sujet électrisant! – La conquête de l’espace


KW Art Gallery Field Trips



Please find attached Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery’s updated School Programs brochure for the 2016-2017 school year. In this brochure you will find information about our classroom visit program, KWAG 2 GO, and our Tour and Studio Workshops, as well as professional development for educators.

The Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery is also very excited to share the news about our fall exhibition, Edward Burtynsky, Infinite Change.  For over thirty years, Burtynsky’s photographs have focused on the ways in which industrialization has rapidly changed the relationship that humans have with the natural world.  KWAG School Programs interactive tour and studio workshop will address environmental concerns and “art as activism,” and will encourage students to think about how they can lend their voices to discussions of local, national, and global environmental issues.

Infinite Change opens on September 16, 2016 and runs until January 11, 2017.  See the attached School Programs Brochure for more information about our programs and how to book your visit.  Visit [ ] or email our School Programs Coordinator, Kate Carder-Thompson for more information.

For more information, contact the School Programs Coordinator:
Kate Carder-Thompson: | 519.579.5860 x219
101 Queen St N, Kitchener N2H 6P7 | KWAG.CA